Laser Light Therapy

Laser Light therapy
Pict: Treating a patient who sustained airbag burns and a chest contusion with: infrared and bluelight therapies

We are happy to announce that we use Low Level Light and Laser Therapy in our offices.

The Solaris 700 Series Light Therapy devices are the only available ultrasound devices that currently offer 3 frequency ultrasound. This feature allows for the best possible flexibility in treatment options.

Solaris features include:

  • the ability to target the precise area of a patient's pain through the use of a target sweep light pad
  • choice of ultrasound, Stim waveforms, or light therapy
  • durable and portable
  • patented light probe that delivers 16,000mW of light

Cold Laser Therapy Blue Laser Light

At Estner Chiropractic locations we use the Solaris system involving cluster probes and light emitting diodes, combining red and far-red light, and which generally supplies non-coherent, pulsed or continuous light. Depending upon the type of condition or injury you present with, your treatment may be once a week or more, and may involve other modalities such as massage therapy, accupuncture, or chiropractic therapy.

Some of the most frequently treated injuries using light therapy include:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • tendonitis
  • TMJ
  • Fibromyalgia
  • wound healing and scar recovery
  • myofascial pain
  • muscle spasms from auto accidents, workplace injuries, or slip and fall injuries
  • a wide variety of sports injuries
  • chronic back and neck pain and spasms
  • arthritis and joint pain.

Light therapy is not a miracle cure, or magic. The laser operates on a wavelength spectrum which effects the layers of tissue and muscle differently depending upon the frequency used. By using superluminous diodes, the Solaris line of products is able to reach deeper levels of tissue, as well as deliver unique qualities of healing light into those tissues. This type of therapy is of particular benefit in treating soft tissue injuries of all kinds, inflammatory conditions, and pain.

Soft tissue injuries, like those sustained in many kinds of accidents, sports activities, or basic over-exertion of any type to the muscles, are quickly relieved by the use of cold laser and low light therapy. In addition to being supported by years of scientific and clinical research in the form of double blind studies (the most accurate type), the results we see with patients who undergo this sort of therapy process speak for themselves. The treatments are painless, very fast and simple to administer, and are covered by most major medical insurance.

Sports therapists and athletes have been using ultrasonic light therapy and laser therapy for many years with amazing results and benefits. The treatments are comforting, relieve pain quickly, and take very little time to administer. Laser therapy works at the cellular level. Because of the improvement to the cells under controlled environments, laser and light therapy can be said to improve almost any disease or injury related condition.

As an added benefit to treatments, the patient may expect improvements in damaged tissue injuries resulting from contusions, strains, and sprains, arthritis pain relief, minor muscle and joint ache relief, relaxation of muscles through relief of pain and stiffness, reduction in muscle spasms, and increased blood circulation.

Each individual injury is evaluated at the time of your initial consultation for the healing approach that will most benefit your situation. If you are experiencing pain associated with an injury or simply have noticed that you are not as comfortable as you once were due to overexertion of your muscles, contact our office for an appointment and get pain relief that is healthy, safe and natural.

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