Here is what some of our patients had to say:

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"My compliments to Dr Estner and his staff who have always been professional, efficient and kind. I've had a great experience at all three of their offices. I would not hesitate to have any type of chirporactor service and would consider Dr. Estner office always. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism."
P. Ramos

" The great chiropractic center in “Paw” was very professional with me. Thanks Dr. Estner. "
Jesus S.

Very good. I had excellent results. The pain I felt in my back and body went away. I feel very satisfied. They were very efficient and treated me well.
Felix P - Aug 2013

The therapy worked great, helped alot with my back pains. The staff was very nice and friendly.
Alice C.

My experience with Estner Chiropractic Center was...FABULOUS, I will definitely come back again!

Great therapy! Very flexible with appointments and I felt comfortable with the service they gave me.

The experience was fine. everyone was nice and pollite. They also worked well with my schedule. When I couldn't make it, they understood. They answered all my questions.

Well let me start by saying it's amazing here. The staff is wonderful! They treat their clients with the most respect. The layout is amazingly beautiful. Estner Chiropractic is a good place to go to if you have problems with your body. They are top knotch with making you feel very comfortable and relaxed through your session. If anybody has problems, I would definitely recommend them to Estner Chiropractic.
Chirley M.


Car Accident Victim Video Testimonial:


Dave C. - Car Accident Victim

After sustaining neck and shoulder injuries in a car accident, I went to Dr. Estner for treatment. At first, I was skeptical because I had been to chiropractors in the past and they had not been great experiences. This was not the case with Dr. Estner! Not only did he help me completely recover from my car accident injuries, he also helped me get rid of chronic back pain that I had as a result of a work-related injury. Dr. Estner and his staff are extremely professional, polite and welcoming. They make your pain a little more tolerable... until you are completely healed!


Car Accident Victim Video Testimonial:


Carolyn W. - Regular Patient



Neck and Shoulder Pain Client:


Rick Provost - Athlete, Trainer

I have been treated with Chiropractic for over 20 years and have been treated by many chiropractors nationwide and have also hired many chiropractors for my own business in which we coached, conditioined and treated PGA TOUR Players for 12 years traveling on the PGA TOUR.

I was treated by Dr. Estner and believe his techniques and practices are superb relative to the Chripractors I have hired and seen for my own consistent chiropractic care and his cervical spinal adjustment was the most pain and tension relieving adjustment I ever recieved, delivered non-invasively with precision and care. I currently Promote professional boxing and Professional MMA for CES and am fully comfortable and confident referring all our athletes to Dr.Estner.


Sandy G. - Auto Accident Victim

I have enlisted the services of Dr. Estner on two separate occasions within the past three years. The first ailment was whiplash and stiffness impeding neck movement due to an automobile accident; the second, of which I am still treating for, involves internal bruising in my right shoulder and lower back due to a work related injury.

Dr. Estner is the best! I am currently improving and healing well just as I did previously. Dr. Estner is a superb doctor, besides being a fabulous guy, utilizing the most current technology and employs a patient friendly team attwo convenient locations.


Samantha P., a recent RI Chiropractic patient at our Cranston office said:

"This chiropractic office was very helpful and caring. They're great!"


An accident case patient in our Cranston Chiropractic office left us a great testimonial stating:

"I would recommend Dr. Estner to my friends and family. I have been to other chiropractors and the office was organized and staff helpful and courteous. Dr. Estner answered my questions, appointments were flexible and available, and the office was beyond my expectations." Emmanuel C.


Jacsmile C. left us some great feedback when she told us that

"Dr. Estner was a great chiropractor and I will recommend him to anyone that I know. Thank you very much."

A chiropractic patient in our Cranston RI office said, "Dr. Estner is a great doctor. I will recommend this office to everyone I know." Ramona F.


Ranger C. visited our Cranston Chiropractic office for an accident:

I had never been to a chiropractor before but liked that Dr. Estner's office was organized, answered all of my questions, and had flexible appointments. I would recommend Dr. Estner to his friends and family.


Marianne F.:

"My appointment was very flexible. I am happy" with Dr. Estner's office because I have been to other chiropractors, and I feel that my visit to Dr. Estner's office was beyond my expectations.


A patient in our Cranston office came in to see us for treatment after an accident:

"Great place to come in and be treated. Nice service all the way, very friendly. Treatments helped a lot. Best of all, everyone knows what they are doing. I would not change a thing."


Our Cranston Chiropractic office saw accident patient Robby S. for treatment and he said:

"Dr. Estner and staff were very kind and helpful. I would definitely recommend these offices."

Tara P. - Auto Accident Vicitim

Several years ago, I met Dr. Estner at a wellness fair. I had been in a car accident and was in physical therapy. Physical therapy was not helping me. When doc saw me, I could barely turn my head from side to side, let alone the pain and discomfort I was going through. Doc made an appointment for me immediately. I was nervous about it at first but also willing to give anything a try to feel better than I did. I remember doc calling me after my first appointment to see how I felt.

I felt great! The results were instant. I now go for maintenance. I love it!!! I love the office environment. Coming from a design background, the offices are designed beautifully. Everyone has always been friendly and accommodating. I think it is wonderful that doc offers other services to his patients like massage and acupuncture to name a few. I always refer my family, friends and co-workers to doc.

Carolyn - 3rd Degree Blackbelt

"My back is constantly being tested, stressed, jolted, twisted. As a martial arts instructor, I need my back and my back has needed help. For three years, Dr. Stephen Estner has adjusted my spine. His skill and expertise provided the help and relief I required. Dr. Estner listens to his patients and assesses their needs, readily ordering diagnostic tests and imaging as well as suggesting supportive therapies. With monthly adjustments and physical therapy I can now kick with ease!"



I have attended sessions and appointments with Dr. Estner and his staff. They are very warm, kind, compassionate, giving and trustworthy. I am and will always be pleased and grateful to have he and his staff as such a blessing to me. I refer everyone who is looking for an excellent Doctor to him. God bless and thanks to Dr. E and his staff.


Michael M.

"Dr.Estner is very caring and professional in all aspects. Staff is great, and their attention made for a great experience."


Christopher D. - Accident Victim

"Dr. Estner and his staff take excellent care of us. They are all very kind and gentle during treatment."

Jessenia D.

"Thank you for treating me so well, and the staff was very friendly. Thanks again."



"I suffered for years with chronic headaches; they were so bad at times I couldn’t enjoy spending time with friends and family. I was forced at least once a week to crawl into bed and try to sleep them off. Throughout the years, many different forms of medication were recommended and/or prescribed although none seemed to work. One day it was suggested to me that I speak with a chiropractor and that is when I contacted Dr. Estner. Right away he was able to pinpoint what was causing the headaches and within a few short visits I was feeling much better. This was over 3 years ago and with regular monthly visits I am still feeling great. It is rare that I now get a headache and when I do they are nothing compared to the ones I use to suffer through. I am so happy with the results achieved through my visits with Dr. Estner. He has made a huge improvement in my everyday life."


"During the Spring of 1999, I began to experience severe pain of my right shoulder and arm. The pain was so severe that at one point I was unable to lift my right arm high enough for my morning shave, never mind swing a golf club. A friend recommended seeing a chiropractor. I was skeptical because I had never been to a chiropractor in my life, but I was desperate to end the constant pain in my shoulder and neck and took my friends advice. After three (3) months of regular weekly treatments (sometimes up to four times a week), in conjunction with doing exercises at home prescribed by my new chiropractor, I was back to normal.

Since then I have visited a chiropractor for regular adjustments of my back and neck and my problems have never resurfaced. When I moved to Rhode Island in 2005, a friend and coworker recommended that I see Dr. Estner for my regular adjustments and I have been a patient ever since. One of the most important lessons that I learned in the Spring of 1999 is that preventing a problem is better then waiting for the problem to emerge. Prevention really is the best medicine.

I am a believer that regular exercise and regular adjustments by Dr. Estner is great preventive medicine. By following this formula, my back, neck, and shoulder problems of 1999 have never returned!"

Luci N

After falling in the bathtub years ago, I suffered pain in my hips, back and numbness in my left thigh. A coworker recommended seeing a Chiropractor and gave me Dr. Estner's number to call. Dr. Estner ordered x rays and then consulted with me. By looking at the x rays he immediately started me on a series of tests, treatments and stretching exercises. After weekly treatments, 2 to 3 times a week, the numbness was dissipating, the spine was being adjusted and the hips were put back in place. This was over 7 years ago and I still see Dr. Estner for adjustments on a regular basis.

Dr. Estner is very professional and the staff is very courteous and friendly. I have recommended Dr. Estner to other friends needing Chiropractic services as well.

The best feeling when you walk out the door and walk 20 to 30 feet to your vehicle and you have no pain and you feel so good, so aligned. You know you found a good Doctor, the Doctor that just treated you, Dr. Estner,

Sandy G.

I have enlisted the services of Dr. Estner on two separate occasions within the past three years. The first ailment was whiplash and stiffness impeding neck movement due to an automobile accident; the second, of which I am still treating for, involves internal bruising in my right shoulder and lower back due to a work related injury.

Dr. Estner is the best! I am currently improving and healing well just as I did previously, besides being a fabulous guy. Dr. Estner is a superb doctor, utilizing the most current technology and employs a patient friendly team at to convenient locations

Thank you,

Joanne P

When you have migraines the first thing you want is a doctor who will give you a pill to get rid of the pain. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT over and over . From one neurologist to another, from pills to MRI’s, I got some relief but it didn’t last.

Hence, Doc Estner came along via a wellness seminar. I was frightened the first few time Doc adjusted my neck and back. Now I see Doc every three weeks for maintenance of the migraines (my choice by the way). I no longer carry migraine meds with me everywhere I go. I am amazed by the techniques used and the relief I receive with every visit.

Obviously I still get migraines and take medication. The chiropractic visits have helped reduce the migraines from two to three times a week to two times a month. For me, that’s a blessing.

Thanks Doc.


I have had shoulder, arm, neck and back pain for the past few years from constantly working on the computer. When the pain got unbearable, I decided to try a chiropractor. A few years ago, I had visited another chiropractor for my son’s football injury, and I was not very impressed, so I was a little hesitant at my first visit with Dr. Estner. But Dr. Estner immediately made me feel at ease with his knowledge and skill. He is very friendly, cheerful, extremely professional and fully committed to my personal well being. He is extremely skilled and provides exceptional chiropractic care. After his treatments, I feel fluid, flexible, with a definite improvement in the range of motion in my neck and shoulder. Dr. Estner also referred me to related practitioners and I have a great team working to helping me recover from my pain. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Estner to anyone seeking Chiropractic care in Rhode Island.

Tatiana D.

"I am very pleased with the services that I have received from Dr. Estner and his staff. Thank you so much!" ~

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